Hydrogeological Baseline Studies

The purpose of a hydrogeological study for a proposed resource development project is to define and assess the potential environmental effects from that development on groundwater and interrelated surface water resources, and to develop prevention, mitigation, and monitoring measures to ensure that the quantity and quality of the groundwater resource are maintained for present and future uses.

Our services include:
-Groundwater Monitoring Network Design
-Well Construction Design
-Packer Testing, Slug Testing, and Pump Testing
-Collecting and Monitoring of Groundwater Data
-Conceptual and Numerical Groundwater Modelling
-Baseline information on the extent of the aquifer(s), groundwater, and the presence of potential groundwater resources within and in the vicinity of the proposed development areas
-Outlining predictive measures to ensure that the groundwater resources are maintained for present and future use
-Characterizing the pre-development conditions of groundwater quantity and quality, and predicting the possible impacts of the mining operations using numerical models