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Mineit’s Community Involvement

Mineit Consulting is proud to play its role as a community leader even in the tough economic conditions. We actively contribute in the advancement and training of youth for a bright mining future. Here are some of our community development initiatives: 1) EngagedZahid Ahmed and Tomas Del Nero Pacheco de Moraes as mining engineering intern […]

Bulk Sampling Permit

Part 3, Bulk Sampling Permit In Part 1 of the series, “Starting a Mine in B.C.”, I covered the procedures for acquiring mineral claims. Part 2 was about work requirement for maintaining them. If you missed out on these articles, links are available below. To perform physical exploration and development work, a permit needs to […]

Maintaining a Claim

Part 2-  Maintaining a Claim In Part 1 of the series, “Starting a Mine in B.C.”, I covered procedures for staking a claim. If you missed out on that article, a link is added at the bottom for your reference. You can’t just acquire a piece of claim and do nothing on it as it […]

Staking a Mineral Tenure in B.C

Part 1-Staking a Mineral Tenure I acquired information that is presented in this series during the process of starting a Jade Mine, that produced first dimensional Nephrite jade block located in the District of Dease Lake in Northern B.C, a partnership of Mineit Consulting Inc and Quartz Creek Developments. I hope to share my knowledge […]

Saskatchewan, Most Attractive Jurisdiction for Mining

Fraser Institute’s annual Survey of Mining Companies 2016 declared Saskatchewan as the most attractive jurisdiction for investment, followed by Manitoba on second place. Surprisingly, British Columbia dropped to 27th place from 18th. Out of the top 20 jurisdictions for investment attractiveness, Canada claimed six spots. Those are for Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec along with Yukon at 15th, Newfoundland […]