Project Economics & Financial Modelling

Mineit’s team consists of professionals that can evaluate projects and assist you in meeting financial objectives using a variety of technical strategies. Our consultants have the ability to analyze, interpret, and advise on the feasibility of a potential mine project. Through our services, we are able to provide strategies for making investment decisions involving uncertainties, risks, and returns.

Our associates at Mine Capital Inc., a private equity firm, also provide us with access to historical databases covering international benchmark indicators, including commodity prices, macroeconomic parameters, and exchange rates, as well as long-term market forecasts.

Pit Optimization

Our Project Economics & Financial Modelling is included in:

√  Preliminary Economic Assessments (PEA)
√  Pre-Feasibility (PFS)
√  Project Financing Modelling & Sensitivity Analysis
√  Mineral Resource Audits
√  Project Valuations & Peer Review





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