Specialized Technical Services

What sets Mineit apart from the other consulting engineering companies is its belief that no job is too small and that no job is not doable for Mineit. In our ongoing drive to accommodate the clients’ needs in our ever-changing industry environment, Mineit’s engineers expanded their services and now offer the Specialized Technical Services in the following areas.

 Data Room Development

There is an increased interest in redevelopment, expansion and/or reclamation of old mine sites, and in re-processing of old existing tailings ponds. With that, comes an abundance of old data to be reviewed, sorted-out, assessed and made suitable for use by modern software programs.

We can free the hands of our clients’ in-house engineers from this time-consuming work, so they can perform more serious duties for their companies. Mineit’s junior staff will digitize and create Data Rooms of the old, and often just paper-based, geological, mineralogical and other information accumulated through either previously conducted exploration work or existing as the records of the past mining/process operation on the same site of our client’s current interest.  We will do it in-house or based on secondment of our staff to the client.

Our experts will then assess the information, analyze the data consistency and make a substantiated advice regarding the most reliable and effective way to build upon such data and/or recommend the additional work required for an evaluation of the feasibility for the client to proceed with further development.

Seismic & Geophysical Data Imaging

On top of our standard services, we offer specialized services and other solutions through our associated partners and firms.

Our consultants have built a world-class reputation in advance seismic processing and interpretation solutions. We offer our clients best-in-class time processing, depth imaging, structural interpretation, analysis and geo-consulting work. Our success stems from industry-leading geophysical technology powered by ground-breaking proprietary tools. Mineit teams up with highly skilled and experienced professional geophysicists who are able to create solutions to complicated seismic challenges for both land and marine seismic data.

Seismic data processing may be crucially important geophysical services required for a successful and safe development of a mining project. Mineit’s experts offer different basic processing sequences with several optional steps for 2D and 3D data processing.

Technical Training

Mineit offers training in a variety of areas. Our training packages are comprehensive and can be tailored to best suit your needs. Mineit’s team has broad experience in all aspects of the mining industry, and we can help you develop in-house expertise customized to your needs.

These courses may also compliment your project permitting process by engaging the stakeholders and community members relevant to your project location in learning more about the basic principles of mining and its benefits to all involved when done correctly, thoughtfully and responsibly; in understanding the concept of sustainable resource development; and in inspiring the local youth to become miners and work in your mines. Bringing opportunities to learn about what and why you as a mining developer do or intend to do in the community will demonstrate additional aspect of your corporate social responsibilities.

Mining training topics covered include, but are not limited to:

  • What is Mining?
  • Geology and Exploration
  • Mining Chain Business Life cycle
  • Economics of Mining and Resource Industry
  • Justifying Exploration Expenditure
  • Identifying Mineral Commodity Life Cycle
  • Financial Modelling and Mining Project Evaluation
  • Mining and Project Technical and Financial Due Diligence
  • Identifying Opportunities in Mining in Canada
  • Opportunities within Mining Business
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility
  • Engagement of First Nations in your Mining Project
  • Legal considerations in Mining Transactions
  • Successfully and Responsibly Managing multi-project mining and cross-cultural issues

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