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Mineit offers a wide-range of engineering and geosciences services, and we can deliver NI 43-101 compliant technical documents that will endure rigorous reviews by government bodies, financial institutions, and investors.

Whether you want to conceptualize the path forward for exploring a property, or evaluate the project economics of a potential mineral deposit, we can provide unbiased, credible advice and solutions. Our breadth of knowledge draws upon our consultants’ experience in exploration, development, operation, and reclamation, and is appropriate for all stages of a mine project.

 Our services include:

√ Public Disclosure and Compliance Reporting in Canada (NI 43-101)

√ Due-Diligence, Scoping & Conceptual Studies

√ Conceptual & Preliminary Economic Assessment

 Mining Studies

√ Pre-feasibility Studies

√ Trade-off and Optimization Studies

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