Mining Engineering

We are focused on producing mine designs and schedules that make the most effective use of capital, in both short and long-term time frames. Based on our extensive experience, we utilize innovative and rigorous methodologies that maximize the economic return of mine projects. In mine planning, a strategic approach is used to capitalize on opportunities while mitigating risks associated with uncertainties. Whether examining the feasibility of extracting a new resource, or optimizing an existing operation, Mineit will make sure it is done economically and environmentally consciously.

Our Mining Engineering services include:Mining Engineering

√  Mining Method Selection
√  Underground & Open Pit Mine Design
√  OPEX & CAPEX Estimation
√  Mine Scheduling and Fleet Selection
√  Mine to Mill Integration
√  Operation Optimization
√  Business Process Audits
√  Ventilation Engineering Services
√  Drill and Blast Engineering Services
√  Tailings Engineering Services



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