Geotechnical Engineering & Rock Mechanics

Our rock mechanics and geotechnical specialists have the knowledge and experience to work on a range of studies, from scoping to feasibility level. We are determined to provide operational improvements across all major resource types, for open pit and underground operations. Mineit’s consultants have worked on deposits throughout the world, and bring an international perspective to your projects. Our practical experience with a wide range of projects ensures the identification of key geotechnical characteristics vital to ensuring a safe and successful operation.

Geotechnical EngineeringOur Geotechnical Engineering & Rock Mechanics services include:

√  Underground Support System Design
√  Pillar Recovery Sequence
√  Caving and Subsidence Analysis
√  Foundation design
√  Rock Mass Classification
√  Monitoring and instrumentation
√  Slope Stability
√  Geotechnical Site Investigations
√  Terrain Stability Analysis
√  Tailings Dam Stability Assessment
√  Erosion Control


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